Technological support


Creaprint has an experienced technical team that collects and manages the knowledge accumulated during more than 20 years, thanks to our participation in the development of IML new projects.

In a technology in which moving from failure to success and from the good to the excellent depends on a multitude of little details, relying on the appropriate and neutral travel companion is fundamental when taking the first steps.

Our specialists can help you in:

Revision of 3D geometry of pieces in process of design.

We give advise in the optimization of forms and areas with the purpose of being able to apply the most economic label through a process with the minimal scrap.

Revision of new moulds and existing moulds design.

In new moulds we propose materials, components and constructions that will allow shortening the cycles maintaining the process losses in negligible levels. In existing moulds, we revise them and we make a usefulness report, showing the necessary actions allowing them to be used with IML labels.

Selection of new robotics systems, as well as revision of the existing ones, intended for the labels placing in the mould.

Neither too much nor too little, just enough. We put on the table the most important points to be taken into account in order to make the right decision choosing the most suitable equipment that accomplishes every demand for the lowest price.

Revision of the production process.

Materials, times, temperatures, speeds, etc. Everything has influence in the compliance of the technical specifications of each piece. We suggest the guidelines so that the manufacturing is carried out without problems.

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